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Business Transactions in Boston

New entrepreneurs as well as second and third generations of family businesses in Boston know that business transactions can make or break the enterprise. A bad loan agreement, stolen proprietary information or an expensive employee separation matter can take down an entire company.

"The attorneys at Morisi & Oatway are very attentive, professional and competent. I consider Morisi & Oatway a business partner as well as Signet's corporate legal firm. In the event that Signet has a situation which requires a specialty they have always had my interest in mind and recommended a specialty firm."

Bradford Caron, President
Signet Electronic Systems, Inc.
Norwell, MA

As a Boston business law firm, the attorneys at Morisi & Oatway work with clients to come out ahead of such challenges. The goal is to minimize risk in advance, respond to needs as they arise, and assist with critical transactions. The firm uses many legal tools to accomplish this:

  • Establish legal structure: Matters of ownership, liability and raising capital can affect how you legally structure your business (as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or corporation).
  • Contracts: Throughout the course of business operations a company frequently requires the drafting or signing of contracts.
  • Equity participation: In some situations, offering ownership shares to recruit and retain key employees can be very useful, but clear-cut ground rules need to be outlined in employee contracts.
  • Financing and closing deals: Whether it be a merger or acquisition, or a commercial loan transaction, all matters of title insurance, zoning, due diligence and closing procedures are of crucial fiduciary importance.
  • Business emergencies: Difficult human resources events, lawsuits, infractions of confidentiality and non-compete agreements and government investigations need to be managed on a close and timely basis.
  • Planning: Anticipation of growth, shrinkage, adding equity partners, succession and retirement all require legal preparation to facilitate smooth transitions operationally and financially.
  • Dissolution and disposal: When a business owner determines to discontinue an enterprise, dissolution documents, filings with the government, asset disposal and negotiations with insurers, debtors and creditors all require deft legal management.
  • "I worked with Morisi & Oatway, PC on a business matter that involved a great deal of personal angst. Andy and his team were responsive, thoughtful, appropriately assertive and very willing to meet my needs. I have already recommended the firm to a friend who also used their services."

    Bev Flaxington, Principal
    The Collaborative
    Walpole, MA

The Boston business attorneys at Morisi & Oatway strongly advocate for continuity in planning and execution of business transactions and business litigation. As a business law firm with breadth and depth, experienced with clients of varying sizes, principals Andrew C. Oatway and Adam P. Whitney offer a true partnership with clients who call upon the firm for all legal support and counsel.

A Quincy law firm to handle all business transactions

It is not necessary for business owners and general counsel to go to downtown Boston to get world-class legal support. Morisi & Oatway, P.C. is based in Quincy, an accessible location that also has some of the best business transaction and Boston business litigation lawyers available in the Boston area.

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