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Business litigation, in Boston, Quincy and elsewhere, is almost an inevitable and necessary part of doing business. Any firm dynamic—including growth, governance succession, acquisitions and mergers—necessarily raises the likelihood of business disputes. A proactive approach to any of these situations begins with effective contracts, but disputes, once they arise, can often be mitigated through mediation and arbitration, two legal routes that prove to be cost effective over business litigation.

Several years ago I had a legal problem. Believing the issue to be unrealistic and frivolous, I figured it would just go away. Wrong. The situation seemed to take on a life of its own and soon I realized I needed help. Unsure about how to proceed, I began checking my contacts and came across Andy Oatway’s name and number. Years before, we had done some business together and my impression was that he was a sincere, trustworthy and capable person. I was struck by his authenticity and honesty and kept his business card. Over the telephone, I explained my predicament to Andy. He listened to my side of the story and he evaluated my case. Later he introduced me to Adam Whitney, an attorney in his firm who had experience handling similar cases. Adam went on to represent me and did a fine job handling the depositions, motions, postponements etc., in fact all of the legal meandering and maneuvers that can drive the average person up a wall. But the best part was knowing that I had professional, serious, competent representation. Someone had my back. In the end, the opposition settled for less than one tenth of what they were asking for and everyone moved on. I was satisfied with the result and happy it was over. Hopefully, I won’t be needing representation for a similar problem……..ever. However, I know who to call if I do.

Harold P.
North Shore

As a business law firm with extensive experience around business transactions in Boston, Morisi & Oatway, P.C. is experienced and equipped to service a broad variety of business law needs:

  • Litigation prevention: A first priority is to avert lawsuits, which we do through holistic thinking and proactive counsel of clients.
  • General business litigation: Whether it be breach of contract, matters relating to insurance coverage, negligence, commercial collections, enforcement of judgments or professional malpractice, effective legal representation can bring such matters to timely and satisfactory resolution.
  • Internal ownership disputes: When co-owners of businesses are in disagreement, there can be both emotional and significant financial issues involved. Negotiations, litigation and settlements in the midst of complex issues can be managed while preserving the enterprise through skilled legal counsel.
  • Employee suits: In a competitive world, new and departing employees present certain business challenges and legal concerns. Key employees must be trusted with proprietary information, and some of them commit breach of employment contracts or make unfounded commission, compensation or wage claims. Other times, claims of discrimination, sexual harassment and other matters are the source of litigation.
  • Business torts: A successful prosecution (or defense) in cases of improper conduct, deceptive and unfair trade practices, unfair competition, fraud and interference are each essential tools of business.

The firm has a track record of success at pursuing cases through trial and appeal, but principals and associate attorneys have developed instincts for when to focus on a successful resolution and settlement.

Quincy, Massachusetts firm works locally, nationally and globally

Whether your company does business exclusively in Massachusetts, throughout the country or worldwide, you need to legally protect your assets. The law firm you work with should have the experience to prevent disputes, where possible, but should also have the resources to ramp up quickly when litigation presents itself. Just as important, your lawyers should have trial and appeals court experience when that becomes necessary.

Well known among Boston business attorneys, the principals and associates of Morisi & Oatway, P.C. have a solid track record of managing business transactions, dispute resolution and litigation for companies doing business locally, around the state and nationwide.

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