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Condominium Litigation & Landlord Tenant Law Attorneys in Massachusetts

Morisi & Oatway, P.C. represents clients who require legal help with condominium and landlord tenant law matters such as construction defect disputes, evictions, by-laws enforcement, and lease enforcement issues.  We meet our client's needs through skillful litigation that thoroughly resolves matters as quickly as possible.  Our track record of successfully handling concerns involving Massachusetts condominium law and landlord tenant law has led to many long lasting client-attorney relationships.

Massachusetts condominium litigation

Condominium litigation is a specialized legal area with distinct differences from other real estate litigation.  With condominium development, an initial ownership turns into multiple ownerships as units are sold.  Complexities often become magnified by the multiple ownerships characteristic of condominiums even though all owners belong to the same condominium association.  For example, construction defect lawsuits against the condo contractor may be subject to many parties bringing suit rather than one building owner as in an apartment building lawsuit brought against a construction company.

Our Massachusetts real estate lawyers at Morisi & Oatway, P.C. represent business entities involved in condominium disputes, such as management companies, condominium associations, vendors, and developers.  We handle all types of disputes—contract conflicts, by-laws enforcement, enforcement of the administrative rules or restrictions in the master deed, and fiduciary duty breaches, to name a few.  We also work with businesses in the transactional stages of condominium law by reviewing contracts and providing legal advice.

Landlord tenant lease enforcement and eviction

Tenants' failure to pay rent, lease violations, and criminal activity on building premises create legal problems for landlords.  Lease enforcement and eviction are often necessary legal remedies.  Because Massachusetts landlord tenant law strongly favors tenants in lawsuits, experienced representation is vital for landlords to protect their interests.  Our landlord tenant lawyers provide effective representation for residential and commercial landlords involved in landlord tenant disputes, whether as plaintiffs or defendants.  Claims may involve disputes based on:

  • Rent increases
  • Defective premises
  • Discrimination
  • Retaliation
  • Toxic materials
  • Sanitation code violations
  • Foreclosed property eviction
  • Subsidized tenant eviction
  • Drug abuse

In addition to litigation of disputed issues we also handle collections, lease review and preparation, and lease negotiations on behalf of our clients.

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